DRAM - DDR4 - NVDIMM Products

SMART produces a wide variety of DDR4 DRAM memory for custom user and legacy needs. Computing, communications, defense, enterprise, gaming, industrial, networking, servers and storage are among the industries SMART services. To obtain more information on how SMART can fill your product needs, please fill out this form and a SMART representative will contact you. Thank you.

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 Part Number Product Sub Class Density Configuration Depth Width Voltage Speed Module Rank Height
ST2047NJ420414SC NVDIMM 16GB 2Gx4 2Gb x72 1.2V PC4-23400 Single Rank 31.25mm
ST2047NJ420493SC NVDIMM 16GB 2Gx4 2Gb x72 1.2V PC4-21300 Single Rank 31.25mm
ST4097NJ44D472SB NVDIMM 32GB 2Gx4 4Gb x72 1.2V PC4-19200 Dual Rank 31.25mm
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