DRAM Modules

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SMART supports a complete lineup of DDR4 memory modules. These include VLP-DIMM, SODIMM, Mini-RDIMM, Mini-UDIMM, and LRDIMM. SMART's modules range from 32GB to 4GB, configured as x4 and x8 running at DDR4- 2400 and DDR4-2133 speed grades. SMART conducts a rigorous design review process to ensure optimal performance and reliability.
SMART also offers economic Value Memory in DDR4.

SMART's DDR3 memory modules support up to 16GB with a design configuration of 2Gx72. SMART's DDR3 modules have multiple benefits including quad rank architecture for enabling cost-effective high-densities and a single-register design for reduced memory bus loading. Registered DIMMs (RDIMMs) use 4-bit DRAMs and leverage 8-bit DDR3 DRAMs, allowing for lower power consumption due to half the number of rows and columns being accessed.
SMART offers a lineup of DDR2 memory modules that include speeds of 400 MHz to 800 MHz, lower I/O voltage of 1.8V, and lower power consumption, SMART supports industry standard 240-pin DIMM, 200-pin SO-DIMM and 244-pin Mini-DIMM modules. SMART also accommodates custom DDR2 module designs based on specific OEM requirements.
SMART's 184-pin DDR DIMM and 200-pin DDR SO-DIMM modules are able to provide OEMs with a high performance solution. Double Data Rate SDRAM technology utilizes both edges of the memory clock in sending and receiving data. SMART's DDR DIMMs are 100% tested on high-end functional testers and comply with standard JEDEC specifications.

SMART has a strong history of partnerships with customers to accommodate their specific design needs. With our industry and design expertise and with our global manufacturing capabilities, SMART offers a unique combination of industry experience, design expertise, and global manufacturing capabilities.