Removable - USB Flash Drive Products

SMART's Enterprise USB Memory Key meets USB 2.0 high speed bus protocols and is designed as the main boot and storage device in embedded systems.. Available with a SLC Flash option, SMART's Enterprise USB Memory Keys comes in options up to 32GB. SMART’s commercial and industrial grade eUSB drives are offered in 3.3V and 5V versions. Utilizing the USB interface, eUSB products are easily integrated into host systems without any special BIOS modifications or additional device drivers.

With random access times that are typically less than 1ms for the drive, the eUSB is capable of read speeds up to 35MB/s and write speeds up to 25MB/s. The USB Memory keys provide enhanced reliability by incorporating onboard error detection and correction and wear leveling algorithms. Applications include server firmware upgrades and specialized industrial applications.

USB Flash Drive (short) MLC
USB 2.0 Memory Key, 8GB, MLC

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USB Flash Drive (short) SLC
USB Short Key, 1GB - 16GB, SLC

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USB Flash Drive (short) TLC
USB Flash Drive 16-256GB

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USB Flash Drive