Removable Flash-Based Products

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CF Card SD Card microSD 2.5" SATA SSD Enterprise USB Memory Key
Offering reliable high performance operation in an industry standard CompactFlash® form factor, SMART's CF Card products are suitable for the most demanding OEM applications. SMART's XL and XL+ CF Cards are designed to reduce field failures and unscheduled service maintenance.
Incorporating onboard error detection & correction algorithms and static & dynamic wear leveling techniques, SMART's SD Card products insure years of reliable operation over a product's life.
SMART's commercial and industrial grade microSD data transfer rate accommodates data-intensive content of next generation mobile applications. microSDs include copyright protection mechanism that complies with SDMI security standards.
SMART's commercial and industrial grade 2.5" SATA N200 SSD brings the advantages of non-volatile memory to embedded computing applications. It provides low-power, high reliability mass storage in a 2.5" form factor and can be used as a direct replacement for an HDD. The N200 is a triple level cell (TLC) drive.
SMART's Enterprise USB Memory Keys provide enhanced reliability by incorporating on-board error detection and correction, and global wear leveling algorithms that provide reliable operation over the product life cycle.