Why Choose SMART
SMART Modular Technologies is an established leader in specialty memory, storage, and hybrid solutions, including DRAM, embedded and removable Flash memory, and ruggedized solid state storage solutions. Whether it's component sourcing and pricing, customization, engineering expertise in testing and product development, and personalized customer service, SMART meets or exceeds expectations in every category.


  • Ability to weather all market cycles
  • 30+ years' experience in the memory business
  • Long-term experience supporting all types of customers and applications
  • Experienced management team

Long-Term Partnerships with Suppliers

  • Superior buying power compared to other 3rd party module makers
  • Long-term supplier relationships leverages pricing and component availability

Enduring Relations with Customers

  • Steady, uninterrupted supply chain
  • Able to provide long-term, consistent support through all market and technology cycles


  • Focus on leading-edge capabilities and preparation
  • Focus on continuity-of-supply solutions
  • Focus on legacy support


  • In-depth knowledge and expertise of memory technologies
  • Ability to identify and solve problems
  • Long-term supplier of Enterprise Memory


  • 100% focus on delivering high quality products
  • Leading-edge manufacturing equipment and processes

Application & Product Solutions

  • Wide variety of products targeted to support unique industry requirements and challenges
  • Ruggedized products for high-temp applications and extreme environmental exposure